Custom Solutions

We can provide innovative engineered solutions for motion control applications, either by configuring our existing product or modifying or developing new product depending on the project complexity and volumes. Brushless DC Motors (bldc), motor drivers and controls can be designed individually or as a full solution depending on your needs.

Maximizing Value for OEMs

When your application requires a custom approach, Automation Controls Group can add a lot of value without all the costs. Our products are highly customizable, which often means low overhead and limited tooling costs for your specific design. Our motors, drives, and controls can be combined and configured to meet the needs of your specific application.


ACG is a division of Milwaukee Electronics, which gives us access to an international manufacturing network and a full-service supply chain solution to support your business. ACG’s products are designed with manufacturing in mind (Design for Manufacturing principles) to maximize quality and minimize manufacturing complexity.

Beyond Motors, Drivers & Controls

When the requirements of your project fall into areas outside our standard product range (motor, motor driver or control), ACG has the resources to assist you. Our team of engineers works closely with the Milwaukee Electronics Design Engineering team to develop electronics, electromechanical and other solutions.

Read our Case Studies to learn more about ACG’s Custom Solutions.